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Article: Smile (1-to-1)

Smile (1-to-1)

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I waited patiently at a beachside coffee shop this morning—

And the customers in line looked like death very in need of caffeine.
Then a strange thing happened.
As customers approached the register,
The cashier gave them a warm smile.
They exchanged no words,
But, immediately, each customer changed.
They stood taller.
They spoke louder.
They breathed deeper.
They were alive!
That's the power of your smile—
And today, I want you to give one to a stranger!
(One challenge to change one day in the life of one person)
Our Community Members loved it.
Unfortunately, the Instagram aLgoRiThM did not.
By the time our Community saw the post, the challenge was over...
So, I'm moving 1-to-1 exclusively to e-mail—
Starting today!
Your 1-to-1 challenge for today is:
Give a smile to a stranger.
Everybody is going through something...
This is your opportunity to show them that there is hope.
When you complete FWH 1-for-1, reply and tell me how it went!
How did it make the recipient feel? 
How did it make you feel?
Did you make a new friend? 
Did you find a new Eagle?
I'll select one community member to feature on our Instagram, blog, e-mail, and SMS.
I look forward to presenting you with more 1-to-1 challenges on random days each month!
Smiling right at you,
Here's something that will make you smile. 
Grab a $8 off gift card code at the top of this post!
First come, first serve. I only created 20.

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