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Article: Removing Toxicity

Removing Toxicity

“CUT out negativity like cancer!”

“DROP toxic people like bad habits!”

“END all relationships that don’t serve you!”

I see these statements on Instagram all the time…

Look, there is truth to them


What if there was a BETTER strategy to remove toxicity from your life

Without all this abrupt cutting, dropping, and ending of people?

A strategy that didn’t require you to dive DEEPER into their toxicity?

You know what I’m talking about…

We’ve both been there:

You go to cut a toxic person out of your circle and —

You’ve got to find the perfect time to approach them,

You’ve got to face more confrontation with them,

You’ve got to explain yourself endlessly to them

It’s exhausting… 

And then it doesn’t even work.

Good news, though.

There IS a better strategy, and it’s all about


Proximity to the people living their lives the way you aspire to live yours.

These people are already in your life…

I call them the “tenacious ones.”

They keep it positive consistently, or

They hit the gym consistently, or

They work hard consistently, or

They read consistently —

Get the pattern?

They’re the ones that consistently choose to live their potential,

Not waste it on toxicity like pessimism, gossip, and complaints.

So here’s my simple strategy:

Instead of focusing on removing time around toxic people,

Focus on adding time around tenacious people.

The rest will take care of itself.

The toxic ones will see how and with whom you spend your time…

And they’ll rise to join you, or they’ll fall away from you.

“But Joey, I don’t have any tenacious people in my life!”

You’re reading this, so…

You do.

You have The Few…

And you have me.

You can always hit reply here, or send me a text, or leave a comment on our post…

And I’ll send some nontoxic, tenacious energy right at you in my reply!

We’re also working on a way that The Few, you, and I can stay in closer proximity… IN-PERSON.

(Standby on this. It’s going to be groundbreaking.)

In the meantime, we’ll be attending the BEST personal and professional development events in the U.S.

So we can meet up in person and grow TOGETHER.

Like this Friday and Saturday, the FWH team and I will be at the High Performance Summit in Costa Mesa, CA.

Our good friends Bedros and Wes (the most tenacious dudes I know) are putting on this event, and they ALWAYS overdeliver —

So I’m strapping in for two epic days of learning how to do more, be more, and earn more in every area of life.

Hope to see you in the room with us!

Always in proximity to you,


P.S. Check out the High Performance Summit agenda here. VIP sold out like lightning, but a few general seats are still available. 

We’ll have a dope FWH pop-up shop there, so you can swing by and hang with us!

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