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Article: The Few Fest 001

The Few Fest 001

The Few Fest 001 went down last Saturday!
It was our first in-person FWH meetup, and it was nothing short of epic… as you’d expect!
Truthfully, it was a little more than just a “meetup”. It was 1,000+ reps (per person!) in the gym and 15+ miles of rucking on the streets of Philly. We rucked from FWH HQ to the Liberty Bell and back.
We had a tight, tenacious group of The Few for this inaugural event. Trevor (NY), Richie (NJ), Jesse (TX), and Danny (NJ) joined me in Philly. Henrik (Finland), Deryl (VA), and other Eagles joined us remotely, too.
I can’t even begin to describe The Few Energy exchange between us that day.
We were a group of gritty people grateful for the opportunity to go far past our comfort zones together.
True camaraderie through COMMUNITY… true to FWH since 2017.
I could write a novel to you about the day, but I won’t (for now). Instead, I’ll share my 2 favorite parts:
1. We chose to make it harder immediately!
During our first 500 reps at FWH HQ’s gym, I suggested we bring the TANK M4 (an all-surface wheeled sled) on our ruck.
We started calculating the feasibility of this… then Trevor spoke up:
“I have an empty sandbag in my trunk.”
We planned to stop at Lowe’s a mile into our ruck, fill up the sandbag with stone, and then alternate carrying the load in addition to our rucksacks.
We executed this plan. It added pain… and yielded power.
But, little did we know, this choice would add a member to our team…
2. We picked up a new mascot!
While at Lowe’s, Jesse and I spotted an Eagle statue in the lawn and garden section. We looked at each other and, without words, agreed that he was coming with us on the ruck.
After much deliberation, Trevor named him “Earnest”. Yes, with an “A”… and he’s here to stay as our mascot. We took turns carrying him during the ruck, and I’m happy to report Earnest is enjoying his new home at FWH HQ.
One more thing—
I know I said The Few Fest would be an annual event…
BUT I can’t wait that long to feel this type of The Few Energy again. So…
We’ve decided that The Few Fest will be held quarterly in Philly and in a city near you with the help of our Community Captains!
The Few Fest 002 will be in May.
Community Members in FWH RISE will receive free VIP tickets (event admission + VIP dinner) to The Few Fest 002.
Check out this recap video of The Few Fest 001. Keep an eye out for Earnest’s appearance!
Talk soon,
Sending massive gratitude to GORUCK Scars for gearing us up on Saturday! Their bags and sandbags are truly built for hard work (in a soft world).
Stay tuned for GORUCK Scars and Few Will Hunt news later this month…

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