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Article: The Few Will Hunt Experience

The Few Will Hunt Experience

When you purchased your FWH gear, you joined this newsletter, or you hit the @fewwillhunt follow button, there was a consequence.

You signed up for something you might not be aware of…

The Few Will Hunt Experience

Let me explain!

Look, no disrespect, I just call it like I see it…

There are a lot of brands out there that define themselves as pro-hard work and pro-people, but NO ONE does it as purposefully and powerfully as Few Will Hunt.

We’re just different. Need proof?

I believe a brand’s primary job is to GIVE (early, often, and without remembering) to its people. Let’s face it, though. Most brands don’t subscribe to this belief, let alone live it. But Few Will Hunt does. Check our track record since 2017. It runs through our veins.

This is why Few Will Hunt is not a “brand”… it is a BOND. A bond between me, you, and The Few. A bond to be part of something bigger than ourselves. A bond to restore the dignity of hard work in society. This makes us a Community— and that’s how it’s been since day one.

Know this:

We don’t see our tees and rash guards as opportunities to sell you. We see them as opportunities to SERVE you. They are opportunities for us to provide you with the course, conditions, and Community to GROW. They’re not apparel. They’re armor.

And that, that right there, is The Few Will Hunt Experience.

We provide you with gear for growth. And the growth isn’t sold separately. It’s free. It’s our GIVE to you. With every piece of FWH gear, you get:

Daily motivational content each morning @fewwillhunt to help you attack your day,

(No copy-and-paste quotes… just real content from real people doing real hard work for real impact… just like you)

Weekly podcast episodes and weekly e-mails from me,

(No shallow ads or spam… just real stories of lessons learned and science-based strategies for your personal and professional growth)

Monthly 30-for-30 Challenges,

(Build physical strength, mental toughness, and meaningful relationships in our Community)

Yearly Misogi Challenge,

(A painfully difficult 1-day challenge that profoundly impacts the other 364 days of your year)

And, finally, a code of conduct called The Rules of The Few.

(A way of life to strengthen ourselves and, in turn, strengthen our society)

This is The Few Will Hunt Experience.

And, rest assured, we will continue to give our all like this until you grow. And even then, we won’t stop.

Like I said, we're different. But you’re wondering…

Why all these free gives when FWH apparel is A-1 quality, Made in the USA, guaranteed for life, hand-illustrated, tested and trusted by pro athletes, and more? It’s already worth every penny, so why do we do this?

We do it because we believe in you. I see you. Not who you were, but who you are in this moment and who you are meant to be in the future. And I want you to see you, too. I want you to seize the power already inside you.

I want you to work… hard. Because hard work works… and it instills your worth.

After all, isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day… to know and feel our worth?

Talk soon,



Really want to accelerate your growth?

You can join me and 100+ of The Few here.

Until Jan. 1, this incredible opportunity and its benefits are only 19 cents per day.

Aren’t you worth that investment in yourself?

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