Take a hard look at your actions today…

You may be in motion… but are you just going through the motions?

Just checking boxes?

Just keeping busy?

Just meandering?

Are you waking up early, but then death scrolling on social media instead of working on your critical tasks?

Are you training daily, but not pushing yourself past your comfort zone?

Are you working 12 hours per day, but a clear understanding as to why and what you’re trading your time for?

Action is important, but attacking is imperative.

Your attack should consist of three critical components:

  1. A clear vision (your why)
  2. Laser-focused intent (choosing to engaging in only those activities that supports your vision)
  3. Action taken with an extreme sense or urgency (“someday” isn’t a day of the week and tomorrow isn’t promised — you need to start moving NOW)

Living the Few Will Hunt Lifestyle requires a strong daily attack plan. Use our Daily Attack Plan or another great tool out there, but whatever you do…

Don’t just act. Attack.

Yours in hard work, 


Joey Bowen