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Article: Trash


What I witnessed while stopped at a random red light in NE Philly last week hypnotized me. 
I froze so stiff that I couldn’t hit the gas when the light turned green, which caused a chorus of horns and “DRIVE!!” shouts.
If you’ve ever driven in Philly, you get this. Ha!
See, I witnessed a young man fiddling with a wrapper on his breakfast sandwich. 
He carefully removed all the wrapping from it… 
And then he carelessly threw the wrapping on the ground. 
No hesitation— he mindlessly tossed it on the street like it belonged there. 
Look, I’m no environmentalist, but littering really grinds my gears. I don’t even understand why people do it. 
At that moment, I realized littering was just another litmus test for The Few. (Just like returning your shopping cart.) 
If you litter, you definitely aren’t my people. And you definitely aren’t one of The Few. 
See, that’s what this note to you is really about today. 
People who spread their hand trash are also the type of people who spread their head trash.
They toss their negativity, entitlement, and victimhood onto other people without hesitation.
They’ve got a low standard for themselves… and the places and people around them. 
Low standards have a ripple effect in society. You may think it’s a small ripple, like a pebble in a pond. I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s a vast ripple… like an atomic bomb. 
That’s why Drew and I started FWH. 
Our Community picks up the hand and head trash of society and puts it in its proper place. 
We live The Rules of The Few to keep our personal standards on the rise. When they rise, the standards of our society rise, too— 
And we get closer to restoring the dignity of hard work, freedom, and service to others. 
You’re reading this, so you get it… but you probably feel like people don’t get you. 
Look, we’re “The Few” for a reason. We’re uncommon. It comes with the territory. 
There is something you can do about it, though.
Get in closer proximity to the people who think and act like you. Be in the room with the people who set the standard. 
Talk soon, 

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