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Article: You’re crazy

You’re crazy

“You shouldn’t _______”,

“You won’t ________”,

“You can’t ______”,

Then, followed by:

“You’re unreasonable”,

“You’re obsessed”,

And my personal favorite:

“You’re crazy.”

These are the things they tell you when

You’re growing.

See, growth requires risk, rules, plans, pain—

All of these are seen as “not normal” nowadays.

Society just wants us to be “normal”—

That’s code for:




No, thank you.

I’ll take “abnormal” any day—

And I know you will, too.

Being growth-oriented and gritty in this society—

It’ll make you feel weird.

It’ll make you feel wrong.

It’ll make you feel… alone.

That’s why we’re The Few—

And we’re here to let you know:

Your feelings aren’t facts.

You aren’t weird.

You aren’t wrong,

And most importantly,

You aren’t alone.

I was powerfully reminded of this on Sunday night during our very-first FWH Community Social.

Several of us casually got together on Zoom to talk about the work we’ve done, the work we’re doing, and the work we will do.

We covered so much— CrossFit, copywriting, running, resilience, branding, BJJ, service, suffering.

Through it all, there was a common thread:

We were all called “crazy” at one time or another,

And we liked it that way.

So, Bobby, Ken, Amanda, Kevin, Deryl, Kevin, Theresa, Drew—

Thank you for spending Sunday night with me,

You gave me one of the best starts to my week ever!

Also, as promised, I’ve scheduled our FWH Community Socials on the first Sunday of every month from 8 pm to 9 pm EST.

All FWH RISE members are welcome.

To the crazy ones!



Special shoutout to OG Eagle Amanda for the idea of a Social! Much love and gratitude to you, my friend!

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