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Article: Banned Tee and Crop

Banned Tee and Crop

Allow me to come clean.

I’m sorry—

Last Friday’s drop of our new No Compromise Tee and Crop didn’t go so well. There was a major issue with our website. ::Cough:: Shopify ::Cough::

Shopify banned the sale of the No Compromise Tee and Crop in all countries except the United States.


This allowed our freedom-loving American Community Members to sell out the entire limited release of 100 tees and crops…

And left quite a few international Community Members tee-less and very upset.

I spent a good part of Friday evening troubleshooting the issue with Shopify, which also interrupted U.S. traffic. On Monday, they finally resolved it.

Frustratingly, I still haven’t received a clear reason for the ban. They must hate freedom.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Sean and I both agree that we should release another 100 tees and crops to give our Community Members a proper shot at securing theirs.

The new No Compromise Tees and Crops are now available on our website. This is your opportunity.

To living a life of hard work, service to others, and freedom... without compromise!


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