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Article: Drag


My friend,

No story today—

Just a short note to start your day…

But this note comes with a request.

Today, I'm asking you to:

Let it go.

One of my favorite pieces of life wisdom is:

"Let go or be dragged."

It could be worrying about a future outcome,

It could be wishing that you did something different in the past,

It could be waiting for change, validation, or perfection in the present.

Whatever it is, let it go.

Holding on to it doesn't make you the anchor,

It makes you the victim.

It chains you to the same spot,

And it drowns you with its weight.

Dragging yourself forward daily while carrying this weight—

It's not going to work.

You'll never have the stamina to get where you need to go.

Look, I've been there.

I had to drag myself out of the depths time and time again.

That's how I learned this lesson—

I don't want you to learn it the hard way like I did.

So let it go.

Drop the weight, and stop the drag.

Move on.

Be free.

Be you.



Sometimes, to let it go, you've got to air it out.

You've got to speak on it to the right person to take the weight off.

If you don't have that person, let it be me.

Reply to one of my e-mail to you so that you can release it. It stays between you and me.

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