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Article: Lessons from my father

Lessons from my father

I spent last weekend at my log cabin with the undisputed…
(And Unofficial)…
Tri-State Arm Wrestling Champion.
He holds another title too:
My Dad.
We shot, scouted, cooked, ate, planted, pruned, talked,
And, all in all, we did our favorite thing—
We worked hard together.
It got me thinking about the tools that he’s given me.
Look, life hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for us,
And these tools help me navigate those hard times and strengthen my weaknesses.
I trust that they will serve you well, too.
Here are 6 of the most impactful:
1. Be the person who does the most with the least. 
There are no excuses, only effort. Be relentlessly resourceful. There is always a problem in life… but there is always, always a solution. Do not stop until it is found and fixed.
2. Be the person who is the stupidest, smartest man in the room.
Know that you know sh*t, and simultaneously, know that you don’t know sh*t. Be a student and, when it’s time to teach, be a servant. 
3. Be the person who goes first.
Too many people sit on the sidelines nowadays, waiting for another person to stand up and step up. Be that person. Go first, get in the game, no matter the rules, the reward, or the risk. Always go first and always go with a plan. 
4. Be the person who has a plan. 
Have a big vision, then plan your minutes, meals, mornings, and months— plan EVERYTHING. Plan your life. No plan— no progress and no purpose. All of these plans will be imperfect. That’s the secret. Progress is always imperfect, too.
5. Be the person who knows easy doesn’t exist.
There is no such thing as an easy life. Make easy choices, and your life gets hard. Make hard choices… and you crave harder.Your life becomes harder by design, but it also becomes happier. Then, it becomes purposeful. Then, you become fulfilled.
6. Be the person who respects and never fears.
Fear no thing, fear no man or woman, and fear no unknown. Instead, respect them. Genuinely. Respect their power over you— then know you have equal power to wield against them.
Go forth and conquer this week!
If you haven’t planned your work for this week… 
Please stop what you’re doing and do it now!
I want you to squeeze every drop of progress out of every day.
If you want to surround yourself with Eagles doing this every week,
FWH Fridays just got better!
Join me on Instagram Live on FWH Fridays for The Few Review—
We’ll jam about what’s going on with you, and what’s going on with The Few.
Surround yourself with Eagles and start your weekend right!

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