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Article: Full Flight

Full Flight

I fly alone, like an eagle. (Fitting?!)

If I’m traveling for “business”,

It’s always a solo mission.

I prefer zero travel companions.

Travel time is “me time”.

I’m mostly uninterrupted during travel, so it’s time to be hyper-focused and hyper-productive.

I’m also hyper-aware.

I can describe half the people boarding my flight in detail.

“Weird level of awareness, Joey…”

Look, I know, but hear me out—

It allows me to notice things that keep me safe…

And lessons that help me grow.

Like what I noticed at PHX yesterday—

It started with an innocent announcement over the loudspeaker:

“We have a full flight to Philadelphia this

“We’re offering free baggage check since overhead space is limited.”

“We’re asking for volunteers to check their bags now before we must select passengers.”

If you travel often, you know what this means:

Sh!t is about to get real!

This flight is now the last flight on Earth to a secret, secure bunker—

The last hope for survival before civilization collapses on itself!

It’s every man and woman for themselves.

The boarding line becomes a battlefield.

Husbands and wives become enemies.

Roller bags become weapons.

No shin is safe, no foot is spared!

Seriously though—

At this moment, every person is hyper-focused on advancing forward—

Applying pressure,

Acting aggressively.

Second place in the line is the first loser in life…

And herein, my fellow Eagle, lies the life lesson:

You are tenacious by design;

You have what it takes to design your life.

It’s already inside of you—

You’re just wasting it in line at the airport.

Or in traffic. Or at a game. Or at a concert.

What if you applied this level of pressure and action to advance yourself toward your goal?

Imagine how different your progress would be—

How different your life would be!

This week, when you find yourself lacking focus, losing pressure, or limiting action—

Remember the boarding line,

And how it can help you advance past your borderline.

Apply pressure.

Act aggressively.

Advance forward.


To your progress this week!



I lied about the 0 travel companions. I have 1. It’s our Performance Cap.

My dome never leaves home without it.

Versatile enough for all my trips and unfailing in the battle of the boarding line. Haha.

Brianna and Caroline just restocked them while I was away.

You always read my e-mails (love you for that, for real!), so here’s 17% off yours. Or anything else! Use code JOEY17.

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