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Article: Fishing (1-for-1 Challenge)

Fishing (1-for-1 Challenge)

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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. 
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
No doubt you've heard this proverbial wisdom before—
But have you ever actually done it?
Yesterday, I did.
While fishing with my oldest daughter, a father and his two sons approached me.
"We're new to this," he said, slightly embarrassed, handing me his son's tangled fishing rod.
"Let's get this line back in the water," I replied, smiling.
I re-tied his hook, re-spooled his line, and explained the rod's drag and cast (what metaphors for life, by the way).
The father took his rod back, nodded in thanks, and headed to the other side of the pond to fish with his sons.
I don't know exactly how many fish they caught—
But I never got tired of hearing them yell, "I got one!" with pure joy.
I share this short story with you today because it's time for the…
1-for-1 Challenge!
Today's challenge is to teach your talent to a friend, coworker, or stranger.
Share your know-how with someone in need—
It could happen at home.
It could happen at the office.
It could happen at the coffee shop.
Be on the lookout for someone who could benefit from something you know—
And politely ask them if you could offer a hand.
I'm pumped for this one! 
Don't forget to DM Drew @fewwillhunt on Instagram or reply to me here with your 1-for-1 story from today—
I'll pick one Eagle to feature on our community Instagram feed and newsletter.
Yours in service,
Honor System!
(Remember when people used the honor system all the time…… I digress.)
When you complete today's 1-for-1 challenge, claim your free gift above!

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