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Article: Invest in FWH

Invest in FWH

“Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt…”

A fellow FWH Community member hit me with this common phrase recently,

But then he finished it with this unexpected twist at the end—

“…And haven’t been the same since.

Never leaving The Few.”

Since our humble beginnings in a Northeast Philly basement,

Few Will Hunt has always been more than a t-shirt.

What we’re doing is bigger than clothing…

We’re a Community committed to a code of conduct (The Rules of The Few)—

To create change and strengthen our softening society.

We’re real people doing real hard work for real impact—

And, dare I say it, we’re the first of our kind in these times.

We aren’t just building the “World’s Hardest-Working Community”, though…

We’re building the next Great American Company.

A company that doesn’t sell out to societal trends,

A company that puts America and Americans first—

A company that employs Americans, upholds American values, and manufactures fully and forever in America.

Like I said… the first of our kind in these times.

This big goal requires a big investment.

Sure, we could trade equity with a venture capital firm, but instead—

We’re staying true to our Community roots and considering something ground-breaking.

We’re offering equity to you, our fellow Community member.

Joey, this is your opportunity to join me, Drew, and Bedros as an equity partner in FWH, the next Great American Company.

Click here to learn more and complete a 1-minute survey about your interest in this opportunity.

You don’t have to make a commitment at this time—

We’re simply taking a head count of Community members interested in standing up and building up Few Will Hunt with us.

As always, reply to me right here with any questions.

Looking forward to your response!                


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