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Article: Scare


You clicked the link—

I knew you were daring enough!

I was going to drop a GIF from my favorite slasher movie here,

But I decided to go with something that’ll really scare you to death.

In life—

Starting is scary,

Risking is scary,

Failing is scary,

But NOTHING is scarier than staying the same—

Being the same person you were last month is frightening,

But being the same person you were last year?

Absolutely terrifying.

Look, no one gets out of here alive.

When you least expect it,

Death comes for you.

You don’t have as much time as you think—

So decide to dare.

Dare to start,

Dare to risk,

Dare to fail,

Dare to learn,

Dare to…


Living without growing is a living death…

Don’t be a breathing corpse.

Today, start that thing.

Today, risk that thing.

Today, try that thing.

Tomorrow is not promised!


But I did promise a treat with this scare—

So use code DOSCARYTHINGS for $7 off your gear today only.

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